Instruction of MN300 Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Operation

Normal monitor status

1.The lighted indicators are POWER indicator, BUS CONTROL Indicator, GENERAL LINKAGE indicator and SOUNDER LINKAGE indicator. 2. Other indicators are off.

Fire Alarm System Fault Status

  1. LCD displays address of fault equipment.
  2. Connected micro-printer printed the system code of fault equipment, address and error occurs time.
  3. Fault LED is lit on.
  4. Warning sound from alarm panel.

Fire Alarm System Fault Dealing

  1. Unlock keypad and press password to enter into system and press panel mute to stop sound.
  2. Check fault type and address from the panel display.
  3. Check the fault spot and cause.

Fire Alarm

  1. Fire indicator is lit on.
  2. Alarm Sound from alarm control panel.
  3. LCD displays address of alarm equipment.
  4. Connected micro-printer printed the alarm address and alarm time.

Fire Alarm Process

  1. Unlock keypad and press password to enter into system and press panel mute to stop sound.
  2. Check the alarm spot and continue fire alarm process or fault process.
  3. After finishing, press “reset” to restore the normal state of the host.

Pump control system operation

Alarm host manual operation: When manual control is enabled, press Key 1# or 2# which is enrolled to fire pump, the start LED is lit on and when the feedback led is lit on, the fire pump is turned on. Press the key again, it stops fire pump.

Warning of Fire Alarm System Operation

  1. There are two power switches (master power switch and backup power switch). Both switches should be at on or off status. If city power is down, please shut off the master power and backup power can continue work for 24 hours.
  2. Air sampling suction detector sensitivity is very high, in case of fire alarm, alarm spot should be recheck immediately to identify and process.
  3. After the loop setting and linkage has been debugged, any changed is prohibited.
  4. A special key is required to reset the manual button after it was pressed.
  5. If system inspection is needed, please press system test keypad, after inspection, the system should be reset. It needs about 60s to reset.