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  1. Function & application of the system:
The system consists of FC-7448 8 wired & 240 bus zones and manages the whole system via management software. The system include public area alarm detector, office zones alarm detectors on each floor, rest zones, meeting rooms etc. safety detectors and sensors. It would dial preset phone number and show the detailed address when alarm occurred. The system can set multiple defense zones, independent arm/disarm functions etc. FC-7448 system management center can work with small panels to enable self-area management and work with extension modules as well. Alarm signals from public area such as corridor, rest zones will be reported to FC-7448 via bus line directly. The system will report alarm information to PC via RS232, or work with GSM module, TCP/IP module to send via internet. The system can be used in community security, building security, enterprise security, school security, fair security etc. Total bus line length is 2.0km (§¶1.5mm), can connect to 15 keypads with 8 independent zones. It is with 200 personal operation password can work with various zones extension modules and wireless/wired to bus module etc. It support Contact ID, Ademco 4+2 protocol.
2. System Diagram:
community security solution, fair security project
3. Alarm products to be used for each area:

a. For each store in the business center: Door contact (MD-136, MD-144) & window contact (MD-134A), PIR detector DT-700 or DT-7425 can be used. Emergency button PB-200 can be used at checkout counter and whole store will be managed by small 6 wired zones FC-7406 panel.

b. At public area such as staircase, aisle, corridor, DT-7380 or DT-8360 can be used via FC-7401 extension module to connect with main panel.

c. For independent office or office in small region, FC-7406 extension keypad can be used to have door contact MD-136, MD-144 for door protection, MD-448 or MC-461 curtain PIR detector for window protection.

d. For financial office and visitor waiting room, use FC-7406 as independent manage panel and door contact, curtain PIR detector and glass breakage sensor MD-2402 or window contact MD-134A.

e. In meeting room or large space office, ceiling mounted PIR & MW detector DT-8360 or DT-7380 can be used.

f. In kitchen room, restaurant room, water heater room, smoke detector MD-2000, gas sensor MD-2206 should be installed.

g. In storage room, tool room, appliance room, should install DT-700 or DT-7425 PIR detector and door, window contact.

h. Emergency button can be installed at server counter, washing room.

i. Special door and window protection FT-89 can be installed at balcony, yard etc. important protection area. Vibration sensor MD-2016 can be installed for ATM, safety box etc.

4. Parameter of FC-7448

Input power: AC18V, 50W, 50Hz/60Hz

Supplementary output power: DC12V, maximum current 1.0A
Backup battery: 12V/7.0AH

Main board consumes power: static 175mA, alarm 250mA

Alarm output: DC12V, 1.75A

Keypads can be connected: 15pcs with§¶1.0mm unshielded keypad bus line, length 300m. Total length of keypad wire should be less than 1800m

Dimension: 365*310*85mm

Features of management software: The software FC-7000 supports PSTN transfer via 56K modern and alarm card and support TCP/IP transformation. It supports unlimited defense zones and with independent responsible person information, map etc. to be shown. It is with strong statistic function and can create report form and support fuzzy inquiry. It is with multi level management to avoid illegal password change or systems setting.

5. UserĄŻs manual of FC-7448 system control panel:

FC-7448 Quick Programming guide

FC-7448 User's Manual.pdf