Industry Grade

The safety and security equipments are industry grade. Fire alarm systems, toxic gas, combustible gas detectors can be explosion proof.

Integrated Security

Integration of fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV surveillance for enterprise security, community security, building security.

As business Partner

We support security project contractor and engineers with their contract. We help make security solution.

Technical Supports

Free technical supports for installing and setting up the security system. Provide product datasheet, installing manual.

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What dangers are we around?

The unsecure factors of home

We are working hard to build better living. But it may so easy to be ruined by some accident. Take a way to protect us from the accident is what we can do. We need to know what dangers we are around. The dangers are not obvious but invisible. The surrounding we living and the habit we doing may decides the dangers we face. There are 4 unsecure factors of home living. They are theft danger, robbery danger, fire danger and toxicity danger. To prevent any accident, we need the detectors to sense the dangers and make alarm to us immediately. That is the security alarm systems.

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Types of hardwire alarm system

business security bus type 485 system

There are two types wiring of security alarm panel and detectors. One type is sub-line and another type is Bus type. For sub-line type, every detector should be connected to security alarm panel with 2 wire. For large capacity security system, it requires lots of wire. The longer the distance, the better of wire is required. For bus type wiring, it requires 2 bus wire only. Each detector is connect to bus module. There are signal zone bus module or 8 zones bus module. The security alarm panel can read all information including address, alarm event, detector type etc. from bus module(address module). The two wire bus wire can connect more than 100 detectors via modules. Bus wire can be as long as 1200m and with length extension module, it can reach to maximum 12000m. With optical fiber, the distance can be longer.

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